Your adventure begins at the Alimos Marina

The Alimos Marina is where your trip will begin. The marina is stunning, and you are guaranteed the very best and accommodating service. Don't just take it from us; hear what a recent client had to say: 

"Mark and I departed our hotel in Athens early in the morning to begin our sailing adventure. The taxi ride was about forty-five minutes, including traffic. On the bumpy ride, Mark joked we better get used to the feeling if we’re going to be sailing for two weeks! Soon, we arrived at the Alimos Marina and quickly discovered it was well worth the trip. 

Checking into the stunning Alimos Marina is an experience in and of itself. Upon arriving, we saw the picturesque marina, docked with dozens of sailboats. Behind us, a large open restaurant filled with both locals and travelers. We soon connected with Maria, who owns Fancy Sailing along with her father. Having been in contact with Maria for weeks planning our trip, we were excited to finally meet her. She was extremely friendly, accommodating and we were delighted to see how family-oriented her business is. She soon introduced us to our crew, just a few hours before our departure. 

We sat down at the restaurant, just a few feet away and got to know the members of our crew. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to meet two strangers I would be spending the next two weeks with! While speaking, we quickly learned both John, our captain and Vivi, our chef, both had years of sailing experience. We were able to break the ice quickly and by the time the waitress brought our coffees, we were all talking like close friends.

We spoke to John about all the places we were most excited to see as he showed us a detailed map of our itinerary. He made it clear to us that we will always have our own free time and the schedule can accommodate any changes we’d like to make along the way. 

ViVi asked us all about food, what we love, what we hate, what we’re allergic to, what we want to try… everything! She kept a detailed list and soon left for the store to pick up the groceries we had requested. For the most part - aside from our desires for coffee, chocolate, and junk food- we left it up to ViVi. After her first prepared dinner on the trip, we knew immediately we had made the right decision.

Stepping on to the Catamaran, we were delighted to see our new home for the next two weeks. Once our luggage was onboard, we had a look around the upstairs kitchen and living room area. The kitchen was fully equipped with everything needed to make a home-cooked meal and was soon stocked with groceries, delivered by ViVi. The living room had a cozy couch and full sound system, which I soon hijacked to play music off my phone. Downstairs, there were four bedrooms, two for John and Vivi and two for Mark and I. The beds were very comfortable, not to mention the sea rocking you back and forth as you drift off to sleep. The bathrooms were all very clean, with surprisingly high water pressure perfect for a shower after a dip in the sea." -Harley (Summer, 2019)


First Stop: Kea!

On the first day of your many Cyclades journeys to come, you will dock at the peaceful island of Kea. Specifically the fishing village of Vourkari. This village is known for its fishing and seafood. The food here is delicious as there are many open-air restaurants to choose from alongside the water. Picturesque houses sit atop hills, small churches with stunning architecture are aplenty. We went to the Kea archaeological museum, which offers a vivid look at what life was like two centuries ago on Kea.  For those who are interested in art, there are art galleries with Kea related paintings to enjoy. Vourkari is also known for its stunning sun-drenched beaches. We will alway hold fond memories of exploring the village of Vourkari, perfect for lovers of food, beach, art, and local Greek culture.


Welcome to Syros

The second day of your trip will bring you to the town of Ermoupolis on the island of Syros. A bit of a history buff, I was fascinated to learn the town was originally founded by refugees and Greek revolutionaries who were escaping Turkish rule. They were from various parts of Greece and came to Syros while it was being protected by the French. This was during Greek Independence and the Revolution of 1821. The sea settlement remains full unique architecture that brings one back to the brilliance of what once was.


Strolling the streets of Ermoupolis and we admired stunning architecture. While here, be sure to visit the Apollo Theatre and eat in Miaouli Square under the shadow of the tall palm trees and enjoy the square, specifically City Hall.

Ermoupolis was a fantastic experience, from its elegant charm to its vivacious nightlife and delicious food.


Explore Tinos!

On the third day of your trip you’ll wander off onto the island of Tinos. Tinos is known to be twice as beautiful as Mykonos and Santorini, with less tourists. We were so impressed with the historic Greek villages, filled with tiny back streets just wide enough for a few donkeys to pass.

We were interested in the history of Tinos so we visited the  Poseidon Sanctuary, which is located in the town of Kionia. Here we were able to walk around and experience the ruins of what once was and learned that Tinos was originally called Ophisus because it was filled with snakes. The temple was built for Poseidon to fight said snakes off.

Tinos also boasts many beaches ranging from organized to completely secluded. We were happy to discover private beaches perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

All in all Tinos was beautiful and had a very relaxing slow pace. When I say it’s not touristy, I don’t mean that you won't find any other travelers to befriend, just that the island is not quite built up for tourism. However, I can assure you that every local will welcome you!


The Famous Island of Mykonos

On the fourth day of your trip you will arrive at the lively island of Mykonos. Mykonos is known for its partying atmosphere, The beaches, named Paradise & Super Paradise both have bars that blast music on the beach. Mykonos is filled with tons of dance clubs that attract world famous DJs and musicians.

The capital of Hora is away from the action but consists of a medley of white and blue houses with colorful doors, porches and windows. The narrow streets were fun to wander and there was so much territory to be explored. We came across dozens of local shops and taverns.

We noticed that there was more privacy on the beaches that lie north, and for the most part the southern beaches were all party. We were also able to parasail, and horse back ride here.


Discover Paros

The town of Naoussa on the island of Paros is just as picturesque as any of the other Cyclades Islands. The port is amphitheatrical, meaning that it’s in the shape of a crescent moon as you enter the port, it surrounds you. Upon entry the visual is a colorful fishing village where an old Venetian castle can be made out.

Naoussa is home to many beaches easily accessible by foot. Some beaches are organized while others are secluded and private. All beaches here are perfect for swimming and soaking up sun.

Bordering the port are tavernas boasting Greek liquor and finger foods. Although this island has its clubs and nightlife, they close at dawn and are not as lively as the ones on Mykonos.

Naoussa also offers many churches to visit, the most legendary is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin which sits at the top of the island. The church of St. Nicolas also hosts a small Byzantine Museum where thirteenth century icons are exhibited.


Your next adventure awaits in Ios!

The sixth day of your trip will bring you to the island in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Ios. This island, like Mykonos is also known for its nightlife and attracts lots of young tourists.

Similar to its sister Cyclades islands, Ios boasts picturesque clifftop villages with white houses, narrow cobblestone allies and stunning beaches. We enjoyed dining on traditional cuisine and shopping in local boutiques. We ventured to Mylopotas beach, one of the most popular destinations. After a few hours of windsurfing, we headed to a more secluded beach to enjoy private swimming and sunbathing.

We also managed to visit the Marble Venetian Castle of Ios which hosts a beautiful Byzsantine Chapel. Only a few walls of the castle still remained, we were told many parts of the ancient castle had fallen into the sea. 

Discover the island known for its party scene, historical charm, and stunning beaches.


Set Sail to Santorini!

On the seventh day of your trip you’ll venture off to Santorini. This island is exciting and quite romantic. The sunsets here were the most beautiful, with colors I was not sure were on the spectrum of light. Santorini is made up of two towns Fira and Oia which both overlook the Aegean Sea.


The cubiform houses in Oia give an aspect of uniformity to the area seeing that they are all so neatly organized onto the cliffside that is the island. To the West it is possible to see other islands as well as the black, white, and red lava pebble beaches that adorn some shores.


Santorini became the island it is today due to a volcanic eruption that took place in 1650 BC. While we were on the island we were able to take a boat excursion to the base of the actual volcano, which sits in the middle of the crescent. Here you are able jump off the boats, into the water and physically pick up volcanic clay.


Santorini is also home to the impressively preserved ancient towns of Akrotiri & Thera which left my partner and I mystified with what once was this part of Greece. These towns allow you to experience the ruins of three previous empires, one of which belonged to the Romans. All in all Santorini has much to offer and it may take a few days to take it all in!

Next Stop: Folegandros

On the eighth you’ll travel to the more Southern region of the Cyclades Islands. Today we were to conquer Folegandros which is a smaller island with all the more charm. It is said to be the piece of Greece most untouched with only 300 residents during the wintertime.  No cars are allowed in the three villages on the island making it known for its relaxing pace.


When we docked and were trying to find a beach to visit, we found out that many of the best beaches had to be reached by boat, despite them being on the same island. This island was so accommodating that they had “boat stops” to transport us to those beautiful pristine beaches that were harder to get to. We decided to finish our day here with a hike. We found ourselves trekking on the Agios Andréas trail which took us through some beautiful scenery.


The Island of Milos

On the ninth day of your trip you’ll visit the beautiful island of Milos. When we arrived at the port we were surrounded by the most picturesque fishing village. The short white buildings all had colorful doors and shutters lined with fish.


While here we visited Sarakiniko beach, which is known for its “lunar landscape” of white rock formations. The water was turquoise and it was fun to jump from the cliffs into the water.


Other water excursions included tours of the Caves of Kleftiko. These caves are also known as the Meteora of the Sea. Here we were able to go swimming through the waters and we were even able to get our photo taken underwater.


The Charm of Sifnos

On the twelfth day of your trip you’ll visit the stunning island of Sifnos. You’ll dock in the port of Kamares but it won't be what you expect. Typically ports are associated with being heavily trafficked and filled with people coming in and out but not really staying in.


That is not the case in the port of Kamares. It’s quite peaceful and very welcoming. It also doubles as a port and gorgeous beach. The waterfront is filled with taverns, bars and cafes with delicious food perfect for a relaxing night out.


Sifnos is known for many archaeological sites, such as the ancient tower and the Church of Seven Martyrs. Like many other Cyclades islands, Sifnos is filled with beautiful beaches, sightseeing excursions, amazing food, and a welcoming community.


Stunning Serifos

On the thirteenth night of your trip you will visit the beautiful island of Serifos. We docked in the port of Livadi. As we pulled in we were charmed by the small boats swaying in the pier. Once off the boat we were presented with little shops boasting souvenirs, pastries, and foods at the mini markets.


 A must see is the beach of Livadakia where we slept under a tree on the beach and watched an array of mooring sports going on in the indigo water affront us. 

Serifos boasts typical Cycladic architecture with white-washed houses lining the sea. The island does not receive a large tourist population, so it is not well organized. However, this makes for private swimming on secluded beaches and quiet walks through charming villages. 


Your trip is not over quite yet... Kythnos awaits!

On the last day of your voyage, you will be brought to the quaint seaside village of Merichas located on Kythnos Island.


This village has maintained its traditional image. There are very few full time residents on this island, only really experiencing mass tourism during the peak of the summer season.


Like many other islands it offers taverns that boast magnificent seafood and pasta.


While here we also paid a visit to Panagia Flambouriani, this is an old monastery located high in the hills. The view was pretty and the lilies blooming gave the area a very nice sweet smell.  


Final Destination: Alimos Marina

We spend the final day of our trip sailing the stunning waters of the Aegean Sea back to the Alimos Marina. We said tearful goodbye's to our captain and crew as we prepared to adjust back to life on land. Arriving at the marina, we were delighted to see Maria and her family again. We could not express enough how much we enjoyed our trip and time on the Catamaran.