Your Adventure Begins at the Alimos Marina

Welcome to the Alimos Marina! The marina is about a forty-five minute taxi ride from Athens. Once you arrive, you will be met with the stunning view of the marina, docked with sometimes hundreds of sailboats in crystal clear water. Behind the marina stands a large open-air restaurant filled with locals, travelers, and sailors. Don’t be too tempted by the delicious smells emitting from the restaurant - it’s time to meet Maria and your crew!


Greek Sails is a family-oriented business run by Maria and her father. We are proud to offer a wide array of accommodations for our clients. Once you go over your trip with Maria, you will be introduced to the sailor and crew that will be accompanying you on your trip. Our chef will ask you all about food, what you like, don’t like, or are excited to try. We will stock the kitchen with everything you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.


The sailor designated to your party will go over the trip in further detail and answer any questions you may have. Your trip is meant to revolve around you and what you want. Itineraries are subject to change should you wish to alter your plans. We hope to make this trip the best it can be for you and your party!


First Stop: Poros

There is no better place to begin your exploration of the Peloponnese region and Sarconic islands than the island of Poros.


Poros is known for its beautiful beaches, all of which are accessible by foot, bike, or car. Askeli is the largest and most popular beach of the island. Only three kilometers away, you will find many restaurants, café-bars, and supermarkets as well as a water-ski school.


On the North part of the island, perched sixty meters above sea, sits the ancient Temple of Poseidon, built around 440 BC.


Experience both modern and ancient Greek life in Paros as you stroll through villages boasting restaurants and shops and marvel at centuries-old landmarks. 


Destination: Hydra

Set sail to the beautiful island of Hydra for the second day of your trip. Once arrived, you may notice the lack of cars; in Hydra, everyone travels via foot, donkey or boat! Hydra is largely known to be one of the most quaint and charming islands in Greece. Grand stone mansions, narrow alleys, historic churches, small shops, and a gorgeous waterfront set the scene of a fairytale!


Looking to discover more about the history of Hydra and see fascinating exhibits displaying ancient and historical items? The main town in Hydra is home of the Historical Archives Museum, Ecclesiasticla Museum and more.


Away from the main town, you’ll discover picturesque villages, such as Kaminia and Vlichos, where you will discover the traditional side of Hydra. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit at the traditional taverns and taste fresh fish and local delicacies!


The best beaches in Hydra are Vlichos, Kaminia, Bisti and Agios Nikolaos, which you can reach by boats departing frequently from the main town. Hydra is sure to be one of the most charming islands you’ll encounter. 


Set Sail to Spetses!

After three days of sailing the Aegean Sea, it’s time to dock the boat at the island of Spetses. Spetses attracts everyone from Greek locals to international travelers.


Here, you can enjoy strolls through the elegant capital, Spetses Town, and secluded sun-drenched beaches. Spetses is famous for its significant contribution towards revolution in the 1821 War of Indepence. The island continues to commemorate and honor its history well into the modern world. It boasts many museums and landmarks, including the Old Harbour, a ship building center used in the 18th century. Just right of the Old Harbor stands one the oldest lighthouses in Greece. In the town, you can find The Museum of Spetses, which exhibits everything from ancient to modern items.


In Spetses, ancient Greek life, cultural tradition and the modern world all connect in a truly spectacular way.  


The Romantic Town of Nafplio

As you sail towards Peloponnese, your first stop on the peninsula will be the seaport town of Nafplio. Nafplio was named the first capital of the new Greek state in 1823. It is well known as one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in the Eastern Peloponnese region.


For those interested in hikes, the Palamidi Castle is located two hundred and sixteen meters above sea level with a view to spectacular, the climb will be well worth it.


Hiking not your thing? No worries! Nafplio boasts many stunning sandy beaches perfect for lounging, including Nea Kios and Arvanita, all easily accessible and roughly fifteen minutes away from the main town.


The town of Nafplio is sure to win your heart with its charming and relaxing atmosphere. 


Discover Astros

On the sixth day of your trip and second day of your exploration of the Peloponnese region, you will arrive at the town of Astros. Thirty kilometers from Nafplio, Astros is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and nature. The town is one of the most popular beach destinations in the Peloponnese region.


Sitting on top of Nissi Hill and towering over the town stands Castello de Estella, also known as the Castle of Astros. Built in 1256 AD, the castle remains a popular landmark that attracts tourists from all over the world.


Dine at traditional taverns, explore relics of the medieval world, swim in luxurious beaches, and enjoy the unforgettable town of Astros.


Welcome to Grekaras

Arrive at the village of Gerakas for the seventh day of your trip. Here, you will be met with a gorgeous landscape, including the massive Parnon mountains and picturesque port that attracts many visitors.


Just twenty kilometers from the village, and nestled between high cliffs is the breathtaking Gerakas lagoon.


Gerakas is widely known for its taverns, serving a wide range of fresh fish and traditional food.


Gerakas is the perfect little escape with a quaint village and views that will leave you breathless.


Explore Monemvasia

Enjoy the eighth day of your trip in the romantic town of Monemvasia. Visiting Monemvasia is a bit like traveling back in time to the Medieval Era.


The Old Town and impressive Castle of Monemvasia were carved on the slope of rocks. Many of the old residential mansions have turned into restaurants and shops that line the town. 


Climb to the highest spot for a beautiful view of the sea, visit the local sunny beaches and marvel at the picturesque town of Monemvasia.


The Town of Leonidio

Your next destination, the town of Leonidio, is seventy-four kilometers away from Monemvasia. Built between the edge of the Parnon mountains and the sea, the town boasts stone mansions and gardens filled with beautiful flowers and lemon trees. Enjoy strolling through the narrow streets of Leonido and the seaside villages close by.


Leonidio has both organized and secluded beaches, with fun sea sports at Plàka beach and peaceful blue seas at beaches like Fikanós.


Hikers can enjoy the beautiful trails up Mt. Parnon which leads to mountain villages like Paleohori and Kosmas. The Elona monastery, named in honor of the Virgin Mary and cradled on a steep mountain side is between the path to Leonidio and Kosmas.


Leonidio and its surrounding villages are sure to leave you in awe with their gorgeous landscaping and beaches.


Porto Heli: Greece's Best Kept Secret

As tourists around the world flock to Mykonos or Santorini each summer, in-the-know locals often gather at Porto Heli for their vacation oasis.


Porto Heli is part of the northeastern region of the Peloponnese region and is located on the beloved Greek Riviera. Porto Heli is perfect for travelers looking to avoid masses of tourists.


The area boasts white-sand beaches perfect for swimming, including Nikki Beach. Porto Heli is known for its ample culture, rustic character and delicious food. Hiking in Porto Heli is fantastic. Old footpaths line the region, leading to beautiful chapels, small villages, secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking views of the sea.


Discover Porto Heli, or what many describe as one of Greece’s “best kept secrets”. 


All Aboard to Ermioni

Set sail to the town of Ermioni for the eleventh day of your trip! Many locals have vacation homes in Ermioni and the town attracts hundreds of tourists each year. It’s no surprise, with beautiful beaches, lined with local taverns and cafes just walking distance from the main town.


Ermioni is also home to the folklore museum and the Church of Agia Ermioni, built in 1754.


This sunny, charming town in the Saronic Gulf serves as a great place for sightseeing, endless strolls, and swimming in the Sea. 


Epidavros is a must-see!

Before you leave the Peloponnese region, Epidavros is a must-see. Epidavros has two main villages, including the Ancient Epidaurus Village and Nea Epidaurus.


Epidavros is home to one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, its ancient theater, constructed in the fourth century BC. Epidavros is famous for its many other ancient sites, including the Sanctuary of Asklepios and the ancient stadium.


Walking distance from the village is Palia Epidaurus Beach, perfect for soaking up sun and swimming in clear seas.


Epidavros is the perfect place to experience the ancient world, with sites that will leave you in awe.


Experience Aegina

Next stop: in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, it’s the island of Aegina! The capital of the island, Aegina Town is known for its perfectly reserved buildings and beautiful seaside architecture.


Outside the town, there are many smaller villages that can be reached by foot. Aegina is home to many museums and historical sites, such as the Archaeological Museum, The Temple of Aphea Athena, the Sanctuary of Apollo Delfinos, and many more. Aegina is also known for its four beautiful beaches and delicious taverns.


With sightseeing, beaches, and fantastic food, Aegina is a destination you simply can’t miss!


Heading Home

Spend the remainder of your trip sailing the stunning clear waters of the Aegean Sea and enjoying your final moments on the Catamaran.


Once you arrive back at the Alimos Marina, check in with Maria and tell us all about your trip!