Your adventure begins at the Alimos Marina

Arriving at the Alimos Marina is an adventure in and of itself! Hear from our recent client:

"Mark and I departed our hotel in Athens early in the morning to begin our sailing adventure. The taxi ride was about forty-five minutes, including traffic. On the bumpy ride, Mark joked we better get used to the feeling if we’re going to be sailing for two weeks! Soon, we arrived at the Alimos Marina and quickly discovered it was well worth the trip. 

Checking into the stunning Alimos Marina is an experience in and of itself. Upon arriving, we saw the picturesque marina, docked with dozens of sailboats. Behind us, a large open restaurant filled with both locals and travelers. We soon connected with Maria, who owns Fancy Sailing along with her father. Having been in contact with Maria for weeks planning our trip, we were excited to finally meet her. She was extremely friendly, accommodating and we were delighted to see how family-oriented her business is. She soon introduced us to our crew, just a few hours before our departure. 

We sat down at the restaurant, just a few feet away and got to know the members of our crew. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to meet two strangers I would be spending the next two weeks with! While speaking, we quickly learned both John, our captain and Vivi, our chef, both had years of sailing experience. We were able to break the ice quickly and by the time the waitress brought our coffees, we were all talking like close friends.

We spoke to John about all the places we were most excited to see as he showed us a detailed map of our itinerary. He made it clear to us that we will always have our own free time and the schedule can accommodate any changes we’d like to make along the way. 

ViVi asked us all about food, what we love, what we hate, what we’re allergic to, what we want to try… everything! She kept a detailed list and soon left for the store to pick up the groceries we had requested. For the most part - aside from our desires for coffee, chocolate, and junk food- we left it up to ViVi. After her first prepared dinner on the trip, we knew immediately we had made the right decision.

Stepping on to the Catamaran, we were delighted to see our new home for the next two weeks. Once our luggage was onboard, we had a look around the upstairs kitchen and living room area. The kitchen was fully equipped with everything needed to make a home-cooked meal and was soon stocked with groceries, delivered by ViVi. The living room had a cozy couch and full sound system, which I soon hijacked to play music off my phone. Downstairs, there were four bedrooms, two for John and Vivi and two for Mark and I. The beds were very comfortable, not to mention the sea rocking you back and forth as you drift off to sleep. The bathrooms were all very clean, with surprisingly high water pressure perfect for a shower after a dip in the sea." - Harley, 2019


First Stop: Epidavros

The ancient town of Epidavros is a must-see. Epidavros has two main villages, including the Ancient Epidaurus Village and Nea Epidaurus.


Epidavros is home to one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, its ancient theater, constructed in the fourth century BC. Epidavros is famous for its many other ancient sites, including the Sanctuary of Asklepios and the ancient stadium. We were even able to enjoy a play being held by a local theater at the ancient stadium.


Walking distance from the village is Palia Epidaurus Beach, where we soaked up sun and swam in clear seas.


Epidavros is the perfect place to experience the ancient world, with sites that will leave you in awe.


Set Sail to Hydra

The next day leaving Epidavros, we headed towards Hydra. Hydra is one of the more cosmopolitan Cyclades Islands. Hydra is well frequented because of its proximity to Athens.


This island was quite interesting, there were no cars and most people commuted on foot or by donkey.


While here we went to Spillia, this was not quite a beach but it was pebbled, while here we enjoyed the views and cliff dived. After our time in the water we went off to town and ate at Bratsera, a restaurant within one of the hotels on the island. 

Hydra offers a glimpse into traditional Greek life. Enjoy strolling through the picturesque paths of its villages, dining on delicious food, and visiting beautiful beaches.


Welcome to Spetses

In Spetses we were able to explore little alleys. We noticed that there were a lot of prominent newer homes on this island. We kept finding these charming black and white pebble mosaics decorating house courtyards. They were mainly focused on maritime themes such as sails, mermaids, octopuses, and anchors.


While here we decided to rent bikes to experience farther off parts of the island. We passed through some scenic lush nature. The pine trees in the areas by the sea set an intriguing ambiance.


We then stopped by Navy park where we saw sculpture art done by the famous Natalia Mela. The sculptures were of a mermaid and an owl. At night we found ourselves dining at a fish tavern and enjoying cocktails. 

Overall, we had a wonderful time on the spectacular island of Spetses. We dined on delicious traditional food, marveled in awe at art, and explored the picturesque island.


Discover Poros

The atmosphere of Poros is extremely serene and relaxing. As you pull into the port you will notice the clocktower that sits on the highest point of the capital. The seafront boulevard filled with yachts, typical Greek housing and markets will charm you.


We stopped by Love Bay Beach which turned out to be it’s own little paradise. The name gave it all away but this beach had such a romantic ambiance. Here we were able to dig our toes in the golden sand and take a dip in the turquoise waters. Afterwards we headed into town and dined at “The Sailor” tasty taverna in town. 

Poros boasts beautiful architecture, sun-drenched beaches, ancient sites and a picturesque village filled with delicious taverns and friendly locals.


Experience Aegina

On the last day of sailing we visited Aegina. We were most excited because we had heard that this specific island had a spiritual history.


In 1904 the famous miracle healer, Agios Nektarios moved to Aegina. He then turned a deserted monastery into his home and place of worship. We took a visit to experience what was said to be a site that would give you divine comfort and peace.


The monastery itself was beautiful, it was the most intricate piece of architecture I had seen out the whole trip. One of the most beautiful buildings I had ever seen. 


This small island had a special energy that we picked up on as soon as we left the boat, the beauty of the island felt authentic and not touristy. We felt most at home here. While in town we stopped by a small eatery where we were informed that Aegina is also home to the pistachio tree! We got to see the seeds get picked and grilled. 


Heading Home

We spend the final day of our trip sailing the stunning waters of the Aegean Sea back to the Alimos Marina. We said tearful goodbye's to our captain and crew as we prepared to adjust back to life on land.


Arriving at the marina, we were delighted to see Maria and her family again. We could not express enough how much we enjoyed our trip and time on the Catamaran.